Low Property Taxes πŸ”† - Under $20/year

95% of our properties have extremely low property taxes under $20/year so you don't have to worry about the burden of insane taxes.


When your buying land in general, there are two things we recommend to check when buying your land parcels.

We already do this research for you on all of our properties and we do not buy or offer any properties ourselves whichΒ break these two rules,Β βœ”οΈΒ 
but, just keep these tips in mind if your shopping anywhere else.Β πŸ‘
First, we recommend checking if there are any "back taxes or "liens" on the property. This is taxes which the current or previous owners have not payed and they owe on the property. Sometimes when you buy a property with these back taxes, you become responsible for them.
If they are something not too much like $30 or $40 on a property, it is fine. However, they can range from $1000s of dollars up to hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of property so please do your research.
Second, we recommend checking your yearly tax obligations on the property. Your yearly tax obligation is what you owe the county for your property. You can view this on the local county website by inputting your parcel number.Β 
As you see in the attached example below for one of our properties in Elko Nevada, we owe $11.90 per year for our 1.13 acre parcel. Relative to the rest of the country this is extremely low. At Once Upon a Brick, Inc., we almost always steer clear of counties and land parcels with high yearly taxes owed because it often eats into the profit of our investments.