The Top 10 Cheapest Land Deals for Riverfront Properties

1. Montana - This breathtaking state has some of the best riverfront properties in the US, and they’re surprisingly affordable. You can find 4-acre parcels of land along the Yellowstone River starting at just $40,000!

2. Arizona - Believe it or not, Arizona also offers some stunning riverfront properties for great prices. You can purchase 5 acres on the Colorado River for as low as $17,500!

3. Idaho - If you want something a little more secluded, consider buying land in Idaho. You can get your hands on 1 acre of pristine riverfront property near Boise for only $25,000!

4. Kansas - Kansas may be known for its wheat fields, but it also has some incredible riverside properties up for grabs too. Get ready to enjoy magnificent views from your very own 2-acre plot on the Arkansas River starting at just $15,000!

5. Nevada - Nevada is another great option if you’re looking to buy a cheap piece of riverfront property without sacrificing quality or beauty in any way shape or form. You can purchase 6 acres along the Carson River at an incredibly affordable rate—starting at just $12,000!

6. Oregon - With its lush green forests and winding rivers flowing through them, Oregon is hard to beat when it comes to finding an affordable piece of paradise on a budget—just check out this 3-acre parcel in Tillamook County which starts at only $17,500!

7. Texas - Texas has some stunningly beautiful riverfront properties that won’t break your bank account either – with 4 acres on San Antonio Bay starting at just $19k!

8. Utah - Utah boasts unbelievable natural beauty that any nature lover would appreciate – including 4 acres along the Virgin River starting at only $13k!

9 Washington – Washington State is home to some remarkable scenery – especially along its many rivers – such as this 5-acre parcel near Spokane starting at just under $20k!

10 Wyoming – Last but certainly not least is Wyoming with 6 acres of lovely land right by Snake Creek starting at only around $14k!

Conclusion: Finding a dreamy piece of riverfront property doesn't have to cost an arm and a leg anymore thanks to these top 10 cheapest land deals from across America that we've outlined here today. Whether you want something close by and affordable like Arizona or Nevada or something more remote like Montana or Oregon you're sure to find something perfect for your needs within this list so take advantage now before these incredible deals are gone forever!