The Top 10 Cheapest Land Deals for Island Property

1. Private Island in Maine – For just $179,000 this private island is located on the Damariscotta River in Maine. The island measures 6 acres and provides amazing views and access to fishing, sailing, and swimming all year round.

2. Little Bokeelia Island - This Florida Keys island is only 15 acres but it comes with two docks, a two-story house, and two guest cottages. All of this can be yours for $449,000!

3. Isla Chupadera – Situated off the coast of Baja California Sur near La Paz, Mexico sits Isla Chupadera—an undeveloped paradise with breathtaking ocean views and white sandy beaches. Enjoy sunsets over the Sea of Cortez from your own piece of paradise for only $550,000!

4. Clark Island – Located in Penobscot Bay off the coast of Maine sits Clark Island—an idyllic spot with stunning cliffs that offer incredible views of the bay and nearby islands. Get your own little slice of heaven here for just $799,000!

5. Canoe Cay – With its crystal clear waters teeming with sea life, Canoe Cay on Lake Superior is a dream come true for nature lovers everywhere! The 7-acre wooded lot is perfect for camping or building your own cabin by the lake and can be purchased for just $775,000 USD!

6. Big Munson Island - Located in Florida's panhandle near Carrabelle Beach sits Big Munson Island—a quiet oasis surrounded by lush vegetation and white sandy beaches. Get your own piece of paradise here today for only $1 million USD!

7. Upper Sister Islands - These two islands are located close to each other in Canada's Georgian Bay making them perfect for those looking to invest in multiple lots at once! With 4 acres combined they offer plenty of possibilities ranging from eco-resorts to vacation homes so pick up these gems today while they're still available at just $1 million USD!

8. Speedwell Islands - These five islands are situated off the coast of Maine's Boothbay Harbor offering incredible beauty as well as fantastic opportunities for development such as cottages or even a luxury resort! Pick up all five islands today for just $2 million USD!

9. Birchwood Islands - If you're looking to invest in something really special then look no further than Birchwood Islands—three small parcels situated along Canada's Georgian Bay that offer amazing potential ranging from romantic getaways to multi-million dollar developments like hotels or spas! Buy all three islands now before someone else does—just $2 Million USD!

10 . Little Whale Cay - Situated off the north shoreline of Little Abaco in The Bahamas lies Little Whale Cay—a beautiful gem with 2 miles of pristine coastline that offers unparalleled views over turquoise waters and sandbars perfect for swimming or getting away from it all on your very own private beach paradise starting at just under 3 million dollars USD!

Conclusion: Investing in an island property can be both exciting and cost effective if you know where to look; there are many deals out there that won't break the bank but still deliver on quality experiences and opportunities whether you want to develop them into resorts or simply enjoy them as personal retreats away from it all–so start exploring today with one (or more!) these 10 best land deals available now before someone else snags them up first!!