The top 10 cheapest land deals for developers

1. Vacant Lots – Vacant lots can be great investments because they don’t come with any existing structures or buildings that could require costly renovations or demolitions. Plus, most vacant lots are priced lower than lots that come with existing structures. However, it’s important to remember that a vacant lot may require additional infrastructure like sewer and water lines before it can be used.

2. Foreclosed Properties – Foreclosed properties can often be found at a discounted rate because lenders want to unload them quickly and recoup their losses. It’s important to note, however, that foreclosures come with risks and should only be pursued by experienced developers who have done their research and understand what they’re getting into.

3. Bank-Owned REOs – A REO (real estate owned) is a property owned by a lender after an unsuccessful foreclosure auction or short sale attempt. These properties are typically sold at deep discounts because the lender wants to get rid of them as quickly as possible in order to minimize their losses.

4. Tax-Delinquent Properties – Tax-delinquent properties are those in which the owner has failed to pay their taxes for some period of time and are therefore no longer eligible for tax relief programs like homestead exemption laws or other benefits offered by local governments. These properties may offer some significant savings opportunities as well as potential tax benefits depending on your state's laws.

5. Estate Sales – Estate sales usually involve selling off all of the items in an estate after someone has passed away or moved away from the area permanently due to illness or retirement plans, among other reasons. These sales often result in deep discounts on land because estates tend to include multiple pieces of property and need to be sold off quickly in order to settle up any remaining debts owed by the deceased individual or family member(s).

6 Proximity To Natural Amenities – Buying land near natural amenities such as lakes, rivers, mountains, forests, etc., can offer significant savings opportunities when compared with buying land further away from these areas due to increased demand for living closer nature-based attractions like hiking trails, campgrounds and wildlife viewing areas (which also tend to increase home values).

7 Auction Sites – Online auction sites such as eBay have become popular sources for finding cheap land deals due to their wide variety of offerings from private sellers across different states and countries at discounted prices just waiting for buyers who know how search effectively online!

8 Government Programs & Grants– Many government programs offer grants and incentives related specifically towards purchasing land in certain areas or developing certain types of projects (like affordable housing initiatives). Taking advantage of these programs can help reduce expenses associated with purchasing land significantly while also enabling developers access valuable resources such as technical assistance, project finance assistance and more!

9 Rural Areas - Land located in rural areas tends to cost less than urban locations due its remoteness and lack of development compared with cities; additionally rural areas may offer tax incentives depending on your state's laws which make them attractive options when looking for cheap deals on land purchases!

10 Negotiate With Sellers - Don't forget about negotiating directly with sellers—it never hurts ask if they're willing sell at lower price than listed on market listings; many times this strategy pays off especially when buyers present valid reasons why seller should consider reducing listing price before closing deal!

Conclusion: Finding cheap land deals doesn't have to be difficult—if you know where look! From vacant lots and foreclosures REOs, tax-delinquent properties estate sales proximity natural amenities auction sites government programs grants rural areas negotiating directly sellers there plenty options available those seeking out best deal possible their next development project! Just remember do your research ahead time ensure you're getting true value money invested purchase process goes smoothly both parties involved transaction happy end result! Good luck finding perfect piece property your next venture!