The Top 10 Best Deals for Campers and RVers on Land

1. National Forests – National Forests are some of the cheapest places to camp out in an RV or pitch a tent. Prices vary depending on which national forest you visit but they typically offer camping fees of $10-$40 per night. Furthermore, many national forests also offer year-long passes that allow you to camp at any of their sites.

2. Bureau of Land Management (BLM) – The BLM maintains millions of acres of public lands across the U.S., including forests and grasslands. Often times when it comes to BLM land, there is no cost associated with camping and instead rely on "Leave No Trace" principles.

3. State Parks – Like national forests and BLM lands, state parks typically charge daily fees for camping ranging from $10-$40 per night depending on where you stay in the park (e.g., primitive campsite vs full hookup site). Some states also offer annual passes that allow campers to stay at all state parks without paying additional daily fees.

4. Private Campgrounds – Private campgrounds often have lower rates than national forests and state parks if you're willing to sacrifice amenities like bathrooms, showers, etc… That being said, many private campgrounds also offer discounts for weekly or monthly stays so it can be worth checking into if you plan on staying in one area for an extended period of time!  

5 . Walmart Parking Lots - Walmart allows RVs and campers to park overnight in their parking lots free of charge! This is great news if you're just passing through town or need a place to rest after driving long distances in your RV/camper van/camper trailer/etc… Just make sure to call ahead first as some Walmarts do not permit overnight parking!

6 . Boondocking - Boondocking is essentially dry camping without any services (i.e., no water, electricity, etc…) It's a great way to save money while still enjoying all the comforts that come with RVing/camping (i.e., having your own bathroom & kitchen). There are plenty of websites devoted solely to finding boondocking spots around the country so be sure to check those out before heading out on your next trip!

7 . Military Campgrounds - Many military bases have campgrounds open to the public at discounted rates compared with private or public campsites . Discounts vary from base-to-base but most will give anywhere from 10% off up to 50% off daily rates !

8 . Harvest Hosts - Harvest Hosts is a unique membership program that allows members access over 1 , 000 farms , wineries , breweries , museums , distilleries , golf courses , etc… across North America ! Members pay an annual fee and can then "harvest host" at any location throughout the continent by staying overnight with their rigs !

9 . Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace - Believe it or not but there are actually people who list plots of land they own (or rent) specifically designed for RV'ers and campers ! Sites like Craigslist & Facebook Marketplace are great places to start looking as they often have listings posted by individuals who want nothing more than someone visiting their property !

10 . Freecampsites . net - Freecampsites . net is an online database devoted solely towards finding free campsites all over North America ! Simply enter in your location and let their website do all the work for you !

Conclusion: These top 10 cheapest land deals for RVers and campers provide amazing opportunities for budget-conscious travelers who still want the convenience of having their own space during their adventures! Whether you’re looking for a low-cost option close by or something more remote further away from civilization – these options can help get you started! So what are you waiting for? Get out there and start exploring today!