The Best Land Deals for a Lakefront Property on a Budget

1. Lake Sinclair, Georgia - Located just outside of Milledgeville and Macon in Georgia, Lake Sinclair is an ideal spot for lakefront living. There are currently several properties available starting at just $7,500 per acre - perfect for those on a tight budget! The lake is known for its excellent fishing opportunities and offers plenty of activities such as sailing, water skiing, and kayaking.

2. Grand Lake St Marys, Ohio - This 13-mile long man-made lake has some of the most affordable land deals around. With current prices starting at just $5,000 per acre, it’s sure to fit any budget. Enjoy boating and fishing on the lake or explore nearby hiking trails in the surrounding wooded areas.

3. Indian Lake Chain of Lakes, Michigan - Located north of Lansing and Detroit in Michigan’s Lower Peninsula region is the Indian Lake Chain of Lakes – an area home to over 4,000 acres of water fun! Properties start as low as $4,000 per acre and feature beautiful views of crystal clear waters surrounded by lush forests with plenty of activity options including swimming, fishing, boating and more!

4. Millwood Lake Arkansas - Situated in southwest Arkansas near Texarkana lies Millwood Lake – an area known for its abundance of wildlife and diverse landscapes from swamps to mountains! Currently there are several properties available with prices starting at just $3,500 per acre – perfect if you’re looking for an affordable lakeside retreat without breaking the bank! Enjoy fishing or simply relax among nature while taking in all the beauty this area has to offer!

5. Deep Creek Lake Maryland - For those who want access to both a city experience as well as serenely peaceful lakeside living then Deep Creek Lake Maryland is it! Properties here start at $3200 per acre which makes it one of most inexpensive places to buy land with waterfront access near major cities like Washington DC or Baltimore! Enjoy activities like swimming , fishing , kayaking , canoeing , hiking , biking , camping & more !

6 . Norris Reservoir Tennessee – Just outside Knoxville Tennessee lies Norris Reservoir – home to some incredible land deals with prices starting at only $2500 per acre ! This reservoir was formed by damming up Big Creek & provides endless opportunities for outdoor recreation like fishing , boating & swimming . Plus its close proximity to Knoxville means you can have access to amenities like shopping & dining as well !

7 . Caddo Lake Texas – Located along Louisiana border is Caddo Lake Texas – famous for its cypress trees draped Spanish moss & mysterious swamplands ! Nearby Tyler State Park offers camping sites while other parks provide hiking trails & boat launches . Current land deals here start at only $2000 per acre so if you're looking for great deal on waterfront property then this might be right spot !

8 . West Okoboji Iowa – Known as one of state's largest natural lakes West Okoboji Iowa offers breathtaking views rolling hills & woodlands nearby entertainment venues restaurants shopping centers plus tons recreational activities like boating tubing wakeboarding skiing fishing swimming hiking biking etc…Land here starts at just under $2000 per acre making it great deal considering location amenities offered !

9 . Clearwater Florida – If looking beachside getaway then Clearwater Beach Florida should definitely be considered ! This tropical paradise offers white sandy beaches crystal clear waters local seafood restaurants shopping centers museums art galleries plus much more … Prices here start around $1800 per acre so perfect spot anyone wanting own piece paradise without spending fortune doing so !

10 . Beaver Dam Wisconsin – Last but not least we have Beaver Dam Wisconsin located between Madison Milwaukee about hour's drive either way … Its vast array parks forests wetlands provide plenty outdoor recreational activities plus charming little downtown filled boutiques cafes shops etc…And best part ? Land here starts less than 1k making it one cheapest most scenic places buy waterfront property entire country!

Conclusion: Whether you’re looking for something secluded or something close enough to access major cities easily; whether you want something on a large body of water or something nestled within smaller creeks; there are plenty options available when it comes finding cheap land deals on a lakefront property. From Deep Creek Maryland all way Clearwater Florida list above shows wide variety different locations styles fit any budget type traveler no matter what kind experience they're looking create their own little piece paradise simply relax enjoy nature around them … So don't wait any longer go out explore these amazing spots today ! Happy travels !