The 4 Cheapest Zip Codes to Buy Land in the USA

#1: 87901 - Deming, New Mexico
Deming, New Mexico is situated just 50 miles from the Mexican border and offers some of the cheapest land in the entire country. For around $5,000 per acre, you can own a piece of this desert paradise. The average cost per acre for land in Deming is less than half of what it typically costs elsewhere in the United States.

#2: 88317 – Melrose, New Mexico
Another great place to purchase cheap land is Melrose, New Mexico. This small town has a population of only 1,500 people and offers some of the lowest priced land on our list at just $6,000 per acre. If you’re looking for a place to get away from it all without breaking the bank, this could be it!

#3: 68847 – Elwood, Nebraska
Elwood is located right on Interstate 80 and offers some great deals on acres of open prairie. Prices here start at around $7,000 per acre and can go as low as $3,500 if you look hard enough! With plenty of peaceful farmland to choose from and easy access to major cities like Omaha and Lincoln nearby, Elwood could be an ideal spot for those looking for rural living without being too far removed from civilization.

#4: 57566 – Montrose, South Dakota
Montrose is located in central South Dakota near Rapid City and offers some truly incredible deals on raw land at just over $7000 per acre! Its location between two large cities makes this area ideal for those who want access to urban amenities but don’t want to live right in them. Plus with prices so low there’s plenty of room left over in your budget for improvements or building materials!

Conclusion: There are plenty of areas across America where buying land is affordable - many more than what we have listed here! Whether you’re looking for somewhere remote or close to city amenities; somewhere quiet or full of activity; somewhere flat or full of rolling hills - there is sure to be something that fits your needs perfectly among these 4 cheapest zip codes when it comes time to buy your very own slice of Americana. Happy hunting!