The 10 Cheapest Parcels of Land Currently On the Market


1. 2 Acres in Grant County, New Mexico for $2,000 – This 2-acre parcel is located near Cliffside Arroyo and offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. It's perfect for anyone who loves nature and wants to escape from city life.

2. 1 Acre in Madison County, Montana for $3,500 – This 1-acre parcel is located near Ennis Lake and offers beautiful views of the surrounding landscape. It's ideal for anyone who loves outdoor recreation and wants to be close to nature without being too far away from civilization.

3. 4 Acres in Nye County, Nevada for $4,000 – This 4-acre parcel is located near Pahrump Valley and offers amazing views of the nearby mountains. It's great for anyone who enjoys outdoor activities like camping, hunting, and fishing.

4. 5 Acres in Yavapai County, Arizona for $5,500 – This 5-acre parcel is located near Prescott Valley and offers breathtaking views of nearby Granite Mountain. It's perfect for anyone who loves exploring the outdoors and wants to be close enough to town but still have plenty of privacy.

5. 3 Acres in La Plata County, Colorado for $6,000 – This 3-acre parcel is located near Durango and offers stunning views of nearby Animas River Canyon. It's ideal for anyone who wants to take advantage of all that Colorado has to offer with its abundance of outdoor activities such as skiing and snowboarding as well as fishing and hiking opportunities abound throughout the area.

6. 9 Acres in Crook County, Oregon For $6999–This 9-acre parcel is located near Prineville Reservoir State Park offering stunning views along with plenty room to build your dream home while still being close enough to town offering plenty amenities such as local restaurants & shopping areas plus medical facilities if ever needed.

7 . 8 Acres In Beaver County Utah For Just $7000 -This 8 acre parcel is located right on edge between Beaver City & Milford offering beautiful mountain & desert terrain on top with easy access off main highway 21 which connects both cities together making it a perfect spot if you’re looking for some peace & quiet or maybe wanting some space away from busy life yet not too far from amenities those towns have offer.

8 . 4 Acres In Elko County Nevada For Just Under $8500 -This 4 acre parcel is situated between Carlin & Elko offering tremendous mountain views backed with beautiful desert terrain this spot is sure make any outdoor enthusiast happy when enjoying all what it has offer also easy access off I80 connecting both towns together making this location great either way.

9 . 7 acres In Lincoln County Wyoming For Just Over $9000 -This 7 acre lot sits right on edge between Kemmerer & Diamondville Wyoming providing spectacular mountain scenery while still having access off main highway 189 which connects both towns together making it convenient if needed yet not too far away from city life amenities when needed.

10 . 3 acres In Carbon County Montana For Just Under $10000 -This 3 acre lot sits on edge between Red Lodge & Roberts Montana giving exceptional mountain scenery backed with endless meadows this spot will make any nature lover feel like they’re at home surrounded by beauty that can only be found here Plus easy access off main highway 212 connecting both towns together if ever needed making this location perfect either way regardless what one might lookin’for

Conclusion: These are just some examples of the cheapest parcels currently available on the market today! With land prices continuing to rise every year now could be the best time ever invest into that piece you've been searching so long! Whether its building a dream home or looking into investing into real estate there are tons opportunities out there ready take advantage so go out explore find that special spot nestled amongst mountains valleys all waiting yours come snatch up before someone else does !