Sustainable Lifestyles in Utah: Where to Buy Land Near Salt Lake City

Kaysville, UT – Kaysville is one of the oldest cities in Utah, located just 15 miles north of Salt Lake City. Here, you can find some of the most affordable land prices in the state and access to numerous outdoor activities. Kaysville is close enough to SLC that you can easily commute into town but far enough away that it feels like a world away. Here, you can take advantage of ample green space for gardening or raising animals as well as breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains and Great Salt Lake.

Cottonwood Heights – Located directly south of SLC in the foothills of the Wasatch Mountains, Cottonwood Heights offers an unbeatable combination of natural beauty and convenience. Most homes in this area are built on large lots with plenty of space for sustainable living activities like gardening or raising chickens. Additionally, there is easy access to hiking trails, bike paths, and other outdoor activities right outside your door.

Park City - Park City is one of Utah's premier ski towns located 40 miles east of SLC along I-80. Although it may be more expensive than other areas near SLC, Park City offers some unique advantages; beautiful mountain views year-round, abundant wildlife viewing opportunities, and close proximity to world-class ski resorts make it an ideal place to settle down and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Plus, Park City recently implemented a sustainability program called “Go Green Park City” which outlines steps for citizens on how they can reduce their environmental impact through eco-friendly practices such as composting or energy efficiency upgrades.

Salt Lake City provides a wonderful opportunity for those seeking an escape from urban life while still being close enough for convenient travel back into town when needed. Whether you’re looking for affordable land prices or want access to outdoor activities like skiing or hiking nearby, there are several excellent options available within close proximity to Salt Lake City that offer all these benefits plus much more! So if you're ready to start living your sustainable dream near SLC then consider checking out Kaysville, Cottonwood Heights or Park City today!