How to Find and Buy Cheap Land for a Wilderness Property

Research Budget-Friendly Areas
The first step is to identify potential areas where you can snag some cheap land. This means researching rural regions with fewer people who have lower property taxes. You should also look into state and federal programs that can help reduce the cost of purchasing land. Don’t forget about local, county, or state auctions as well; these are often great sources for finding cheap land.

Explore Different Types of Land Ownership
Once you’ve identified budget-friendly areas, you should explore different types of land ownership available in those regions. For example, some regions offer Federal Land Access Programs that allow individuals or groups to lease public lands for short-term use (such as hunting). In addition, many counties offer “split estates” which divide the surface rights from the mineral rights of a particular property; this allows buyers to purchase only the surface rights while avoiding any mineral rights they don't want or need. Finally, consider buying unimproved land on contract—a process in which buyers agree to pay off the balance of a property over time without having to qualify for traditional financing options like bank loans or mortgages. This type of purchase is typically reserved for properties with no existing improvements; however, if you're willing to invest time and money into improving it yourself then it could be an affordable way to own your own piece of wilderness property.

Look for Tax Auctions & Foreclosures
Finally, don't forget about tax auctions and foreclosures when searching for cheap land abroad. Many government agencies hold periodic tax auctions where they sell off parcels of delinquent tax property at heavily discounted prices—often below market value! In addition, if you keep an eye out on foreclosed properties within your budget then you may be able to scoop up an incredible deal on a piece of prime wilderness real estate that nobody else knows about yet!

Conclusion: Buying cheap land can be an affordable way to start living out your dream of owning a piece of wilderness property abroad. To do so successfully though requires doing some research into budget-friendly areas as well as exploring different types of land ownership available in those regions—from leasing public lands through Federal Land Access Programs to purchasing unimproved land on contract or taking advantage of tax auctions and foreclosures by keeping an eye out on prime real estate deals nobody knows about yet! With patience and resourcefulness, anyone can find their ideal piece of wilderness real estate without breaking the bank!