Exploring the Best Places to Buy Land for a Sustainable Lifestyle in Oregon: Portland

Columbia County: Located just south of Portland, Columbia County is one of Oregon's fastest-growing counties. With access to fishing and hunting grounds as well as ample agricultural opportunities, this county is ideal for those who want to enjoy nature while still having easy access to urban amenities. Columbia County also offers great public schools and other public services that make it an attractive place to live and raise a family.

Washington County: Just west of downtown Portland lies Washington County, home to many beautiful rural areas where you can purchase land for sale. Washington County offers many opportunities for those interested in living off the land with its numerous farms and ranches as well as its abundance of hiking trails and recreational activities like camping and kayaking. Residents here enjoy easy access to both urban amenities in nearby cities like Beaverton as well as more rural activities like biking along the Tualatin River Greenway Trail or enjoying local wine tours from nearby wineries.

Clackamas County: Another great option near Portland is Clackamas County, located just east of downtown. This area boasts plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities with its numerous rivers and lakes as well as Mount Hood National Forest just minutes away from suburban neighborhoods like Happy Valley. Clackamas also has several small towns with great restaurants and shopping centers that make it an attractive location for those seeking a more rural life but close enough proximity to city amenities when needed.

Conclusion: Living sustainably in Oregon doesn't mean sacrificing convenience or accessibility; these three counties offer plenty of options near Portland so you can enjoy both aspects together in harmony! Whether you’re looking for farmland, forests, or coastal views – explore these regions around Portland before making your final decision on where to buy land for your sustainable lifestyle!