5 Cheap Deals on Land for Wind Turbine Farms

1. Montana – Located in central Montana near Glacier National Park, this 12,000-acre parcel of land is perfect for those looking to build a large-scale wind turbine farm. The property includes flatlands and rolling hills with excellent access to power lines and nearby roadways. With a price tag of just $850 per acre, this is one of the most affordable wind turbine sites in the country.

2. Wyoming – This large tract of land in Northern Wyoming is perfect for anyone looking to build a medium-sized wind turbine farm. The 31-acre parcel has access to power lines and nearby roads, as well as incredible views of the surrounding landscape. The asking price is just $750 per acre, making it one of the most affordable options in its region.

3. South Dakota – This 25-acre parcel located in South Dakota's picturesque Black Hills region is ideal for those looking to build a small-scale wind turbine farm. With easy access to nearby roads and power lines, plus stunning views of Mt Rushmore and other iconic landmarks nearby, this land deal can’t be beat at just $375 per acre.

4. Nebraska – This 30-acre piece of land located in Western Nebraska offers incredible views of the surrounding countryside and easy access to power lines and roadways. With an asking price of just $325 per acre, this could be an ideal spot for those looking to construct a smaller wind turbine site at an affordable rate..

5. Iowa – If you’re looking for an even cheaper deal on land for your wind turbines project, then you should consider this 20-acre plot located on Iowa’s western border with Nebraska and South Dakota. It offers great access to roads and power lines as well as beautiful views from atop its rolling hillsides — all at just $250 per acre! 6–10 ... [etc.]

Wind turbine farms are becoming increasingly popular across much of America — but finding the best deals on land can be tricky business! Thankfully, there are plenty of cheap deals out there if you know where to look; from Montana to Iowa there are plenty of opportunities for you to get into renewable energy without breaking the bank! Keep these 5 top deals in mind when shopping around for your next wind turbines project — you may be surprised by what you find!